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About MCPA

MCPA was started as a small home based Private Preschool program.  Ms. Cammy wanted to create a environment where children were getting the best of both worlds.  A homeschool classroom style environment and hands on, play based academics that followed the TEKS.   Over the years our program has taught hundreds of children.  Yet one thing has not changed, we still believe children learn best through interacting in a fun, balance of child lead and teacher taught activities.  

MCP Academy is a Montessori Inspired Program.  We offer a unique  learning environment for students. 


Our Microschool program uses a rigorous curriculum that is playful and intentional.  Focusing on children's cognitive, social emotional, and physical development.  Embedding high quality academics into play based exploration. 

Each day each or our students work on many engaging activities to help prepare them academically.  
Daily Math, Language, Cognitive & Social activities, as well as Outdoor play help build our students into great learners

MCPA use all custom made and unique state approved curriculum and Project based/Thematic Units to prepare, exceed, and succeed in each grade level. Children are offered the opportunity to enjoy learning activities to enhance language, cognitive, physical, and social development as well as creative art, alphabet and reading, music and movement, hands on math and science, cooking activities, and games.   


These developmentally appropriate activities encompass all areas of your child's development.  

Our Goals

Our goal is to to build a love of learning in a safe, supportive, space for your child.

Our program believes in giving  Back to the community through fundraising and other opportunities.

Help Children become equipped academically, socially & emotionally, through hands on experiences. 

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